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Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber
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The World


Tree of Alendria

Alendria is where elves live. It is a realm north of the human realm, Gaya (Earth), and cannot be reached by humans except via magic. Alendria and elves were created by Freya, a deity that readers will come to learn more about as the series progresses. Legend tells that Freya transformed into a star to look over Alendria.

The Tree of Life, which elves simply call the Tree, is where elves dwell in Alendria. It is a tree so unfathomably massive that its branches function like platforms of land, housing everything from great cities like Evergreen, to small towns like Morwen Valley. The magnificent canopy has leaves that alternate between gold and silver throughout the year. Evergreen, where Elly lives, is the biggest city in the southern region where it is always warm; up in the north, where the Vierran elves live, it is always cold. In Evergreen City, every young elf attends Arvellon Academy, where they receive their education until they turn 18.

The sky in Alendria is always awash with a splash of different colours of the rainbow. Storms are never seen in Alendria, except in times of crisis, such as during the War of Wrath. The Star of Freya constantly shines like a beacon, even during the day.

The goblins live underground, beneath the Tree. Goblins hate elves, and the enmity runs deep. Their underworld is the antithesis of the elves'—it is endlessly dark, cold, and putrid. Nothing good ever grows there.

In Alendria, elves come of age at twelve years old and receive a Royan during the Bonding Ceremony, which takes place at the canopy of the Tree. The Bonding Ceremony is a kind of ancient initiation into adulthood. Once an elf turns twelve years old, they begin to undergo some significant changes—physically, mentally, and emotionally. This transformation, called pharowyn in Yahana, takes place over the course of the next twelve years, until an elf turns twenty-four. Then, it’s as though time stands still. Physically, an elf stays unchanged until their six hundredth year, when elves finally begin to show outwards signs of ageing. But even then, compared to humans, elves age with grace, free of bodily ailments. Elves have a far greater lifespan than that of humans. In general, elves can live for one thousand years. Elves age very slowly, but can still die prematurely of extreme grief and severe injury, though their physical constitutions are much stronger than those of humans.

Elly's Royan, Greymore, is flowered from a royal acorn of the Tree. A Royan stays with an elf for about two hundred years. By that time, a Royan matures and ripens enough in its acorn form to return to the Tree, where it then flowers, and all that it has learned from its keeper will be assimilated into the intelligence repository of the Tree and shared with the elven community.

Elves are generally beautiful to behold, and they are 'supernaturally' strong, agile, and magical beings that can fly, with a close affinity with music and nature and love all things that grow. Most households have animals living within, such as 'pet' griffins which can also be trained to be ridden on for archensoar matches. However, from a young age all elves must learn how to use and harness their magical powers, which is one of the skills they learn at school. Elves are gifted with the ability to understand and communicate in all languages. This is why elves can understand and communicate with animals, and why Elly can understand and communicate with humans.

Gaya, the Human Realm

Elly's first adventure in the human realm takes place in London, the capital city in England. In London, Elly encounters friends in the suburb of Edgware and explores the inner city, where she gets to go inside the Westminster Abbey and various other historical tourist sites as she attempts to masquerade as a human.

International Book Awards Finalist

Award-Winning Finalist in the "Fiction: Fantasy" category of the 2015 USA Best Book Awards the premier online magazine featuring mainstream and independent publishing houses, announced the winners and finalists of THE 2015 USA BEST BOOKS AWARDS on November 16, 2015. Over 400 winners and finalists were announced in over 100 categories. Awards were presented for titles published in 2013-2015.

International Book Awards Finalist

Award-Winning Finalist in the "Fiction: Fantasy" category of the 2015 International Book Awards

USA Book News the premier online magazine featuring mainstream and independent publishing houses, announced the winners and finalists of THE 2015 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS (IBA) on May 21, 2015. Over 300 winners and finalists were announced in over 80 categories. Awards were presented for titles published in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

The illustrations in this book are really wonderful, and contribute a lot to the narrative. Ellanor is certainly a feisty character, and there is a nice energy to the book that keeps the reader turning the pages. The world building in this book is interesting...This reader did appreciate the reversal of the usual portal-fantasy structure; it was refreshing to have an elf entering the human world. The diversity in the humans that Ellanor encounters on her journeys also feels fresh and intriguing. Overall, this was a charming story.
― Writer's Digest Self-Publishing Awards

Every now and again, I pick up a book that is a potential game changer in the world of young adult fiction. Ellanor's story stands out like a bright star among the dross. I am reminded of what makes classic fantasy fiction like Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series work, not because this work is like them, but because Durham understands, like they did, how to build and grow a story. K.T Durham knows her characters and her world well, as most of the best fantasy fiction writers do. I for one can't wait for more.
― Mari

The characters—both elf and human—are well-crafted and believable. Elly’s story generally moves swiftly...While Elly’s school, Arvellon Academy, shares a lot of similarities with the well-known Hogwarts, the novel itself proves to be original. A sedate, detailed adventure of two worlds.
― Kirkus Reviews

It's been a while since I've read a book which I literally couldn't put down. It was an easy read and I got drawn into the story. The ending was quite a surprise. I would recommend it to people both young and old as this is truly an inspiring story...I can't wait to find out more about Ellanor's adventures!
― S Fu

Best book I've read in a long time and one that is now on my list of annual re-reads. The story is just so beautifully written... While there are difficult issues raised, such as racism, the author handles them with a sensitivity that left me feeling positive. This book left me with a warm glow on the inside and I can't wait to see more from this talented writer.
― Blythe Cosmopolitan

About the author

K.T. Durham
A Speech and Language Therapist during the day and a writer on the side, K.T. Durham has a dream to share the Ellanor Chronicles with readers around the world. Having spent parts of her childhood and adolescence shuttling between Australia and Hong Kong, her unique outlook on life as a third-culture individual has inspired many aspects of her fantasy novels. LEARN MORE...

Message from the author

I want to say a big THANK YOU for your continued support! As an indie author with a dream, it is always humbling and encouraging to receive positive feedback. Writing a book truly takes an incredible amount of hard work and perseverance, and I salute those who have been doing it for decades! I'm now working on the third book, which should be the second-last instalment of the series. Stay tuned!

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