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Ellanor and the Curse on the Nine-Tailed Fox
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Ellanor Celendis

Ellanor Celendis

Our young heroine, Elly, has turned 13 years old in the second book of the series. She has grown taller and learned combat skills, though she has had to train three times as hard as the average elfling due to her lacking physical strength and agility in the first place. After all that she had experienced in the past year, she has become more confident, assertive, and can now stand up to the Three Flamingos. She has grown a little taller, but she is still the smallest elfling for her age in Alendria.



A mysterious girl who escapes from her abusive foster family in Hemlock and runs away to London. She is intelligent, introverted, and slow to trust others. She loves books and is especially interested in the sciences, and often dresses in dark, drab colours. With her short hair, she could pass for a boy.

Park Jong-Min

Park Jong-Min

An endearing 7-year old boy with an alcoholic father and nasty step-mother who wants to send him off to an orphanage. Jong-Min wishes he could leave Seoul with his grandmother and live happily in America. His favourite TV show is MacGyver.

Park Ga-Yin

Park Ga-Yin

Grandmother of Jong-Min. A feisty little old woman, she dearly loves her grandson and sells sweets on the streets to make ends meet, as she is very poor.



Elly's neighbour and best friend since they were very young. In the second book, Aron has undergone a drastic growth spurt and has become a budding archensoar player at Arvellon Academy. Though he still aspires to become a historian, he has also come to realize that he needs to train himself up physically to play his part in protecting Alendria...and also, to impress Elly.

Horace Cobble

Horace Cobble

A shoemaker in his late 60's who now runs a successful shoe shop in London, called Cobble Concept Shoes. Though still grumpy, he has become much happier since his business flourished, and he has a new-found appreciation for his wife and has since learned to use the computer.

Miriam Cobble

Miriam Cobble

The wife of Horace and accomplished patissier. Since her husband's shoe shop flourished, Miriam has been running her own bakery that adjoins the shop. She now enjoys an improved relationship with her husband and has finally managed to put some stamps in her passport.



Elly's pet griffin. He refuses to be parted from Elly after she became stranded in Gaya the previous year, so in a gesture of self-sacrifice he insists on accompanying Elly to Gaya as a hamster...

Grandpapa Galdor Celendis

Grandpapa Galdor Celendis

Elly's paternal grandfather, a wise and whimsical old man with a long flowing beard who is in fact one of the most powerful elves in Alendria and possesses knowledge of many things of which other elves are unaware.

Blaine Isendor

Blaine Isendor

An enigmatic, warring Vierran elf from Aranon, the cold northern region in Alendria. Blaine has offered to stay in Evergreen City to be close to the High Council, so that he can help in the fight against the goblins and the Beast. He has been training Elly to learn combat skills, and he is an extremely tough teacher.



A goblin that resides in the underworld of Alendria and is the most loyal and prized servant to the Beast. Clever, cunning, and resourceful, Gutz returns to wreak havoc.



A mysterious spirit entity that seems to reside in a broken gargoyle at the dilapidated church, it lures weak and desperate humans like Truman Mayer to do its bidding.

The Nine-Tailed Fox

The Nine-Tailed Fox

The Guardian of Light, in his default form he is a beautiful snow-white fox with piercing blue eyes and nine tails.


Elly's Royan. Greymore communicates with her telepathatically in a deep, rumbling voice. He provides Elly with guidance and advice, and has become a dear companion.

Sereth Celendis

Elly's father, a renowned silversmith. A very tall and imposing man, he is renowned for his strength and thundering laugh. He dotes on his children and has a big appetite, especially for his wife's cooking. He is actually a great warrior and plays a part in protecting Alendria against the goblins.

Nidah Celendis

Elly's mother runs a well-known bakery specialising in sweet cakes. She is very protective of her children, though she has had to learn to let Elly become more independent since she came of age last year. Nidah has finally accepted that her daughter would never be as feminine as she would like, so she no longer attempts to get Elly to wear pink.

Luca Celendis

Elly's little brother is mischievous and loves to tease and play pranks on his sister. He is fond of painting. Since Elly returned from Gaya, Luca has become more attached to his sister. He is still counting down to the day when he can finally start his studies at Arvellon Academy and receive his Royan.

Mrs Silverwinkle

Headmistress of Arvellon Academy. Despite her small size, she is a formidable and powerful elf and harbors certain secrets that will continue to surprise Elly.

Jestor Huerin

A tall, lanky elf with silver hair and grey eyes, with a crooked nose and a strange scar on his face, he is whimsical and a bit of a jokester, has a penchant for wearing white. Jestor's background is obscure and nothing much is known about him, except that he is a powerful elf who works with the High Council, and replaced Mr Holle as Elly's class teacher.


Elly's classmate, a handsome and enigmatic boy who has grown close to Elly over the past year. He is also a strong archensoar player at Arvellon Academy, and many see Kaelan and Aron as rivals since they are both hawk-eyes for their respective house teams.

The Three Flamingos

Still the nastiest clique at Arvellon Academy. However, Elly now finds them more annoying than intimidating. Darrius, the ring-leader of the clique, continues to harbor a deep dislike for Elly.

Lily Wong

A spirited 14 year-old British-Born Chinese girl who became Elly's first human friend. In the past year, Lily has undergone some drastic physical changes, and now looks significantly different from what she did when she first met Elly last year. She has recently started dating a boy at school.


A smart 15 year-old boy who was adopted by wealthy but negligent rock-star parents who delegated his care to Winifred McDougall, their next-door neighbour. He is very tall and lanky, with a mop of brown hair and dark eyes. Sebastian becomes firm friends with Goldie and is fiercely loyal to her. He wants to become a space engineer.

Winifred McDougall

A kind, middle-aged librarian who takes in Sebastian and Goldie and provides guidance and friendship. Sebastian and Goldie affectionately call her 'Miss M' and they have been studying under her tutelage. Winifred is determined to help get Sebastian into a first-rate university and is fascinated by Goldie's ability to understand and speak so many different languages.

Han Soo-Min

Birth mother of Jong-Min. She ran away when her son was only a baby, and Jong-Min knows very little about her, except that she played the piano for her church before she left Seoul.

Charles Cobble

Only son of Horace and Miriam Cobble. He is a doctor who lives in Surrey with his family. He and his parents have become closer since Horace improved his ways.

Sue Cobble

Wife of Charles Cobble, she is a nurse at the hospital where her husband works. She is of Asian descent. As Horace and Miriam were estranged from their son Charlie for many years, they both know very little about Charlie's wife.

Alex Cobble

Adorable young son of Charles and Sue Cobble, grandson of Horace and Miriam. He loves Transformers and loves visiting his grandparents.

Maddy O'Brien

A kind and pretty 14 year-old British girl from Manchester. She attends school with Lily and they have become firm friends. Maddy is more interested in sports than studies, and receives Lily's help for English Literature, a subject which she finds particularly difficult.

Teddy O'Brien

Younger brother of Maddy, a sweet boy with autism who has an attachment to Elly. Teddy is now attending a new school that caters to students with special needs.

Veronika Waldorf

The cruel and beautiful foster mother of Goldie, Veronika pursues Goldie after she runs away to London.

Truman Mayer

A bitter, disillusioned, and depressed middle-aged man who in a moment of despair and greed makes a pact with a talking gargoyle, not realizing the devastasting impact this would really have on his life.


The Maker of elves and Alendria, she is beloved and revered by elves. Freya transformed into a star many thousands of years ago.

The Beast

A huge, snake-like creature that resides in the dark underworld beneath the Tree of Alendria, it is terrible to behold and is master of all the goblins.

Exciting fantasy adventure.
― Kirkus Reviews

Ever since I put down Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber I've been longing to read the next book in the Ellanor series. Once again, K. T. Durham has crafted a plot with many twists and turns along the way. Her characters are well described and sometimes surprising as they develop through the story and the plot is well thought out and complex at times. Again, I am left wanting to read the next book and waiting not too patiently for its release.
― Muriel M.

I've read your second book and it was fantastic! Like your first book I couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next one! Have you started on the 3rd book yet? Seriously I think your series has potential to be as famous as Harry Potter one day! I hope that your books will be translated into different languages and made into movies! They definitely have the calibre.
― Janine

I read your second book, and it's absolutely thrilling! I've been sitting at the edge of my seat most days when reading the book, talking to myself and shouting out! If I didn't have chores, I wouldn't have put the book down. Can't wait for book 3!
― Ann

About the author

K.T. Durham
A Speech and Language Therapist during the day and a writer on the side, K.T. Durham has a dream to share the Ellanor Chronicles with readers around the world. Having spent parts of her childhood and adolescence shuttling between Australia and Hong Kong, her unique outlook on life as a third-culture individual has inspired many aspects of her fantasy novels. LEARN MORE...

Message from the author

I want to say a big THANK YOU for your continued support! As an indie author with a dream, it is always humbling and encouraging to receive positive feedback. Writing a book truly takes an incredible amount of hard work and perseverance, and I salute those who have been doing it for decades! I'm now working on the third book, which should be the second-last instalment of the series. Stay tuned!

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